Roark Plumbing Inc.



In our business you meet a great deal of people and have many interesting experiences and we think that we should share them with you and you may have some to share with us.

System Requirements: Modern computer with speakers, the current version of QuickTime and a desire to hear about some funky people and happenings.

Is there a penthouse moment? Emergency crapper Handy Andy strikes again
Are there any 50s in there?
Crashing the truck Origins of the toilet, a crap story How heavy is the water heater?
Can you lower the tank water?
Lake Street, what the heck? Johnsons go home Golden time and flat rate
About work and getting paid
Indiana gas station blues
The perfect chess player
Roark Plumbing, Inc. currently serves Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. Minnesota Master Plumber License number PM5230.