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Check out the new Roark Plumbing hat. This powerful fashion statement sells to Roark customers for only $12. If you are a customer and you ask, we might just give you one.

Size: One size fits all

Colors: Stealth black with gold lettering

Cost: $12 for Roark customers

Chief's player/coach Reg Dunlop says:

"This hat is fantastic; I mean fantastic!! You can wear it to a game or down to the Aces. Its just scrappin'."

Chief's leading scorer Ned Braden says:

"I would wear this to the factory--- if I worked at a factory."

When reached for comment Chief's right winger Jeff Hanson Said:

"Shut up!!! I'm listening to the freekin' song"

When reached later he said:

My brothers are jelous of it and my race car ways."

MOE says: "All the chicks dig me in this hat. They rub up on me to get a closer look. F----k!"