Roark Plumbing Inc.



Plumbing repair or Replacement: Roark will service all of your plumbing needs for both business and individual customers.


Services and Service Contract videos tell it all.

Service Contracts: Corporate customers will find our service contracts both convenient and efficient. Roark offers service contracts that give you piece of mind knowing that your routine maintenance is always done and your needs are priority serviced 24 hours a day at all of your regional locations. Consistent contract pricing is easy to budget and assures greatly reduced interruption of your business.

New Corporate Construction: Roark is available for new construction from design, to install, to long term service.

Remodel: If you are adding a new bathroom, finishing your basement or just upgrading, Roark is available for the job.

Plumbing Repair and Service, System Design, Pipe Thawing, Drain Cleaning, Gas Barbecue & Lighting

Roark Plumbing, Inc. currently serves Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. Minnesota Master Plumber License number PM5230.