Roark Plumbing Inc.

Investment Opportunity


Many of you are aware the plumbers make a pile of cash and that there is probably no job that is easier or more profitable than plumbing. For those people we are offering shares in this incredibly rich opportunity.

For others interested in what we do, our philosophy and our future sighted goals, we also offer an opportunity to be a part of some thing very exciting. Roark will grow to be a world class service that will set the bar in plumbing excellence.

Available below is a Private Placement Memorandum that you must read and understand before investing and a business plan that will help you learn what you are getting into and why it will return value to you. Thank you very much for your interest and please do not hesitate to contact us with questions concerning this opportunity.

PPM Business Plan (currently being updated)

Philosophy Expansion (also being updated)

Roark Plumbing, Inc. currently serves Twin Cities Metro area in Minnesota. Minnesota Master Plumber License number PM5230.